A hundred things to do with Tobe's Head

I've been obsessed with the idea of sculpturally combining industry and architecture with the human body for years. The more practical work of building up our factory space at Ifö Center is needed, important and all consuming. That being said, I forced myself to take a break from the real-life infrastructure labor to focus on my art - which is the intended use of the space. It's been such a pleasure to spend my days noodling around with wax, plaster, silicon and porcelain. Nothing is finished-finished but I've had enough success with it to know that I want to continue down this rabbit hole until duty calls me back to wall building, plumbing and general custodial duties. My career has not been defined by a mastery of any particular style or material, which has its drawbacks in terms of having an instantly recognizable aesthetic - but I feel that being able to really explore new materials and methods of expression is worth it. Slip casting in porcelain is the shit. I love it so far and I've only just begun. Soon I will attempt my first bronze casting with the help of friends. Life is good in my little corner...hope yours is acceptable.

Man-Spout cookie jar (unbaked)

City lights lamp

Slip cast forms and porcelain houses

Slip cast head & shoulders

Old school love letter

Lost wax

Wax lace